Interview with Vakblad MannenMode

MannenMode - the leading trade magazine in the field of Fashion for Men did an interview with us about OUTRGS Men's Fashion and published it on their news-page! So excited that more and more people are getting to know our brand! If you would like to read the interview go to Vakblad MannenMode. (the interview is in Dutch)

Happy 2021!

Wishing everybody an outrageous 2021! Last year was extraordinary for us, realizing this amazing brand for you guys! Let's hope for all of us that Covid-19 will disappear and that we all can have our freedom back. For now, order online and we will try to get OUTRGS into the shops for 2021!

Take care and stay safe!

New shoot with Model Nino at Maasvlakte (Rotterdam, NL)

What a perfect day to have another shoot at an outrageous location in the Netherlands. The temperature was low but model Nino managed to withstand the cold:-) The Zandwacht is a sculpture made of concrete which shows abstractly how dunes are formed naturally. A bit of a contradiction because this location the dunes are made by the hands of men..:-) A nice piece of art, different and original, like OUTRGS is.

Textilia Modevakblad Newsletter December 2020

OUTRGS had the opportunity to have an interview for a Dutch fashion magazine, Textilia Modevakblad. A very nice article reflecting exactly how we got the idea, what OUTRGS stands for and what our future vision is. Check it out at Textilia Modevakblad.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus is coming to town! So does OUTRGS, for the coming two weeks OUTRGS will pay for the Shipping Costs within Europe. As a small company this is our Christmas Present to you until the 6th of January 2021 when the Three Kings will leave again. For now we want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and stay safe!

Orders are coming in!

Almost one month further and we already have shipped out quite some orders! OUTRGS men's fashion is starting up and this is just the beginning. We still have to work hard on marketing to get the brand name known and to reach our customers. But the first steps are taken and it is looking good guys!

OUTRGS overhemd, mensfashion and mensclothing. Printed shirt with modern fit made of sustainable 100% Tencel, fashion for men

First official publication in X•XL Magazine

X*XL Magazine asked if OUTRGS wanted to join their fashion editorial for November 2020 edition! We were so proud of this and full of proud with the beautiful results. Thanks to Stefan van Ruijven Fotografie for the glossy pictures. Check the online issue of the magazine here.

Lancering OUTRGS mens fashion, herenmode en mannenmode, mens clothing, moda masculina y moda de hombres. Printed shirts

Launch day!

Today, Friday 30th of October we go live at 17:00hrs CET! Finally after all those months of hard work, decisions making, going through the whole process and preparing all details we finally managed to start off with OUTRGS! This is the beginning of a new period in men's fashion and we believe that we can make a difference! So stay tuned for more OUTRGS fashion.

OUTRGS herenkleding voor de modieuze en hippe man. Knitwear, knitted sweater overhemden en modieuze t-shirts. Milieubewust

2 days before we go live!

Today we are really nervous! We will receive the garments from Portugal. As we are a small company we operate from our home address. And then, a big international truck stops in front of your private address with no room to park an international truck! But we managed, and we could unpack the firts delivery of the T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts and Knitted Jumpers. Everything delivered perfectly!

Lancering van OUTRGS mannenmode en herenmode, voor de modieuze man, stijlvol, knitwear, truien, t-shirts en overhemden

10 days before we go live!

Because of Covid-19 we were not able to give a "Launch Party" with family, friends and the persons who helped us out. We planned the "Launch Date" on the 30th of October 2020, one day before Halloween, so we came up with the idea of ..... you know, as you see our faces here...:-)

Overview of the items on sale for OUTRGS mens fashion, knitwear, printed shirs and slim fit t-shirts. Sustainable fashion

Finalizing the webshop.

After the shoots we made a selection of the pictures we want to use and Stefan is going to prepare the pictures to be used on A lot of work but we are getting there, a couple of weeks to go before we go live! 

OUTRGS knitwear, knitted sweater for fashionable men, sustainable and designed, t-shirts, printed shirts and knitwear

Photoshoot with OUTRGS-Model Paul in Amsterdam!

OUTRGS is on the roll! We need to have a lot of content, as a start up brand we can only start with 6 items which we want to show you as much as we can. More shoots and content we will share with you, but for now we have enough and we will be extremely busy behind the scenes to show you our coolest pictures.

Photoshoot met OUTRGS Mannenkleding en herenkleding voor mannen met smaak, gebreide truien milieuvriendelijke stoffen

Second photoshoot in the beautiful city Leiden!

And the next shoot was planned in Leiden. This beautiful city in the Netherlands has an old castle in the middel of the citycentre, the perfect location to shoot some outrageous pictures for OUTRGS. Again the weather was sunny resulting is some stunning pictures as you can see.

Photoshoot for OUTRGS Men's Fashion, fashion for men, clothing for men and sustainable men's fashion. Knitwear and sweaters

Our first photoshoot with OUTRGS-Model Maurice! 

Finally! It's getting more and more for real now, the first official photoshoot day for OUTRGS with model Maurice. It was a beautiful day with a lot of sun and a perfect location to have the shoot. Radio Kootwijk in the Netherlands is an Art-Deco Style building which used to be a radio communication building in the early 19's. This cool building together with the Morgan Sports car and the OUTRGS garments resulted in glossy fashion pictures. Check more pictures on our lookbook!

Sample for OUTRGS mens fashion, mens clothing, men style, designed for men, knitwear t-shirts and printed shirts, sweaters

Final approvals of the first collection!

10th of September we made the final approval on the samples, this means that OUTRGS could give a "GO" for production at two different production companies in Portugal. Covid-19 delayed a bit of the process and the production locations are also recovering from Covid-19 back orders so we experienced a bit of a delay, but still ready for the scheduled launch date of October 30!

OUTRGS herenmode voor de modieuze man, eigen stijl, stijlvol, kwaliteitskleding en geprinte overhemden voor een unieke stijl.

Print samples for the long sleeve shirts

Fous A Fous arranged a designer for the design of the shirts. OUTRGS created a moodboard and the designer created vaious designs to choose from. With some adjustments on the designs, mid August 2020 we received the final prints! The colors and the desings, exactly how we had it in mind. Thanks to Marina van Dieren who made the final designs!

Sample shirt for OUTRGS mens fashion, men's clothing, fashion for men and clothing for men. Designed for men by men.

More samples!

By the end of July 2020 we received also the samples of the knitted sweater and the long sleeve shirt. Again excited about the quality of the yarn's and the fitting was 'almost there'. Some small adjustments needed as this is a normal step in the whole process. It's getting real now! OUTRGS is coming!

OUTRGS sustainable fashion for men, mens fashion and mens clothing, sweaters, knitwear, t-shirts and printed shirts.

First sample received!

After all the hard work, on the 10th of July we received our first sample and we were so thrilled! Finally we see the first outcome of our idea in something for real! For both Fous A Fous as OUTRGS this was a very exciting moment:-)

Lancering van de merknaam OUTRGS herenmode, mode voor mannen, mannenmode, herenkleding voor de modieuze zelfbewuste man

Launch of the brand name: OUTRGS

In june 2020 we revealed our logo and name! OUTRGS is in the open! Working hard behind the scene to get everything ready for Autumn 2020.

Registrering van OUTRGS modemerk, mode voor mannen, kleding voor mannen, desing kleding voor heren, herenmode, mannenmode

April 14, Chamber of Commerce

An important step for OUTRGS, the first official step towards our own private label. OUTRGS was official now. After the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam we visited again Fous A Fous where we came to an agreement and discussed the next step of the complete process.

Stefan van Ruijven en Ramon Delgado lanceren OUTRGS men's fashion, kleding voor de modieuze man, overhemden, t-shirts, truien

First meeting with Fous A Fous Fashion productions

A few weeks after Modefabriek we had a second meeting with Fous A Fous in Amsterdam. There we discussed further into details our ideas and vision. Fous A Fous understood this clearly and the positive connection we had we decided to bring this idea to the next level.

Modefabriek 2020 voor OUTRGS Men's Fashion, herenkleding voor mannen met stijl, mannemode, herenmode en herenkleding

Networking at the Modefabriek in Amsterdam

In January 2020 we visited the Modefabriek in Amsterdam. Upfront we made some appointments with companies all over the world who could help us out to realize our ideas into production. It is not easy to develop your idea so we were lucky to find Fous A Fous who also understood our ideas and could help us further.

Het idee achter OUTRGS herenkleding, mensfashion, mensclothing for men with style, designed for men exclusive fashion for men

The Idea

August 2019 we were at the Parade in Amsterdam where the idea started to create our own private label for men’s fashion. It started with a joke, but we got so enthusiastic, so we searched the internet for some months and got more and more inspired and motivated to do something different in men's fashion!